Event Registration

We invited our supporters to come to Washington, D.C, and speak out against LRA violence. More than 10,000 people registered to attend MOVE: DC

This form’s purpose was to collect emails so that we could communicate directly with people who were interested in attending.

Annotated Financials

We want to understand how our favorite charities spend money, but financial statements can be intimidating and difficult to interpret. Handwritten notes in the margins can bridge that gap.

The challenge here was being helpful without being condescending. I used a casual tone, writing as though explaining the finances to a friend. I intentionally used my average handwriting and amateur diagrams so that the notes would feel like they were written by a human and not a company.

View PDF of full Annotated Financials document

Editorial Style Guide

Every fall, spring, and summer Invisible Children hired between 40 and 100 interns to act as representatives with supporters. With so much content being created and distributed outside of the communications department, I created a style guide to define nuances between terms and standardize our language.

One page from the style guide is excerpted on the left. View PDF of full Editorial Style Guide

Order Confirmation Screen

Before my copy edits

Confirmation copy_before

After my copy edits

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